The MURPHYGAGE® - Not Just Another Pretty Gage!

Quality design, materials, and manufacturing make the MURPHYGAGE ® a superior gage that will give long and reliable service.

The MURPHYGAGE® vs. Other Gages

Most gages rely on the gage case to serve as a part of the sensing chamber. The MURPHYGAGE® does not. Our diaphragm expands and contracts constantly with changing pressures or temperatures. It is held precisely in place by the port and the mounting plate.

An almost non-distortable pressure chamber is formed by the port and mounting plate, protecting the sensitive beryllium copper diaphragm from damage. This is one of the prime differences between MURPHYGAGE® instruments and "other" gages.

In most gages the diaphragm and an expansion retarding plate are soldered directly into the case port and held in place by a locater ring. Should the case receive any damage in this area, the diaphragm operation could be affected. In the MURPHYGAGE®, however, the diaphragm is protected and securely locked in position. Another feature of the MURPHYGAGE® is the removable pulsation damper (pressure instruments only) which provides for periodic cleaning when being used with liquids which might cause clogging. Other gages are usually equipped with a non-removable damper.

MURPHYGAGE® pressure instruments, above 30 psi (200 kPa) and all temperature gages, are environmentally sealed and filled with an inert gas. This filling protects the mechanism and eliminates "clouding" of the lens from adverse atmospheres.

Testing Proves It

We document our quality claims by noting vibration and overpressure cycle tests. After 400 hours of 50% overpressure every 2 seconds and a constant vibration of ] 30 G., 21 times per second, there was virtually no wear detected on any moving part and the MURPHYGAGE® still read within tolerance.

Add a Switch and It Becomes a swichgage®

This highly accurate, industrial quality MURPHYGAGE ® becomes a SWICHGAGE ® when an electrical switch is added. The switch is set to trip when temperatures, pressures, or other variables measure above or below acceptable levels. When the switch trips it activates an alarm and/or a shut-down device thereby helping to protect your engines and equipment from damage. These electromechanical control devices offer easily adjustable, single-pole contacts or snap-acting SPDT switches. MURPHYGAGE ® and SWICHGAGE ® models are available to monitor pressure, vacuum, temperature, level, vibration, and overspeed.

The Inside Story on Quality Is Our PEOPLE


The inside story only begins with top quality materials and design; MURPHYGAGE® and SWICHGAGE® instruments are the result of years of human experience, skill and pride.

A strong Quality Program is the reason FWMurphy has received several quality certifications from major OEM's. We have also achieved ISO 9001 certification from BSI.

Aided by modern machinery, such as computerized numerical controlled lathes and mills, and electronic gages directly coupled to computers for statistical process control (SPC), Murphy personnel manufacture more than half a million MURPHYGAGE® instruments each year.

From our sheet metal shops to final inspection and packaging, our skilled workers add the touch of experience and pride that makes for QUALITY and durability in manufactured goods.